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Its About Time - The Guys

About Its About Time

Previous Entry Its About Time Oct. 11th, 2004 @ 08:55 pm Next Entry
Well its about time we got this up so we can all talk. Wow, its going to be cool to have all of us together again on Wednesday, and not all of us have seen Ni on stage so thats cool to! I see we've added Kristabelle to The Guys. Oh. I thought we all had to agree on who was a Guy and I don't remember ever talking about it or even knowing that Kristabelle had a live journal. Whatever, I guess you guys decided. Anyways, thinks have been cool. Living with Doller had been awesome and being around a few friends the other day was a good step out of the real world. I hate work and I hate school.
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Sounds Like: "Tilt Your Head Back" Nelly, Christina
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